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Happy Birthday Bettie Page  (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008)
"I was never the girl next door."

Jennifer Lawrence leaving the GMA studios in New York City (April 21st)

Jennifer Lawrence leaving the GMA studios in New York City (April 21st)


Sorry I’m shaking so much. Don’t ever do this again.” – Jennifer Lawrence accepting her Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress (Jan 12, 2013)

Ooh share some little know Beatles knowledge please? :)


oh god you’d have to be more specific uhm off the top of my head theres

  • the fact that george was born the night of the 24th of feb (near midnight), thus his birthday is often mistaken for the 25th (he also believed it for most of his life since his parents would celebrate it on that day)
  • Theres the alice in wonderland incident
  • George lost his v card to a prostitute in hamburg at the age of 17, with the other lads on the next bed. When he resurfaced form under the sheet and the prostitute left, they clapped and cheered.
    Paul lost his at 15/16 (the age keeps changing in sources idek) to an older woman while she was babysitting another child. The next school day thats all he talked about
    Ringo lost his in a park at 16 while his friend was also doing the do next to him with his partner
    John got deflowered at 15/16 (i forget which one i thinK its 16) in a graveyard and he whinned and cursed like a little shit as to how tight she was
  • John and Paul gave the Rolling Stones their first single to hit the top 20 charts, it was “I Wanna Be Your Man” which peaked at No. 12
  • That time Paul and Pete Best lit a condom on fire in Hamburg bc theyre fuckin idiots and thought it would serve well as a light
  • John is a terrible TERRIBLE driver
  • Before being in the Beatles, Ringo was already making plans to move to Texas and become a hairdresser
    George was an electrician’s apprentice
  • Paul’s first serious girlfriend was Dot Rhone
  • Ringo’s middle name is Parkin
    George’s is Harold
    Paul’s is Paul and John’s is Winston (although these two are well known)
  • George cheated on Pattie with Moe while she was still married to Ringo
  • They made pseudonym for themselves when they toured w/Johnny Gentle in Scotland in 1960 and they were: Paul Ramon, Carl Harrison, Stuart de Staël, and Long John
  • Doctors told Ringo that he was predicted to not live longer than 13
  • There’s the George + Yoko biscuit drama
  • Before they where known as the beatles, Stuart Stucliffe suggested the name “the Beetles” after Buddy Holly and the Crickets. It was John who later changed the ‘e’ to an ‘a’ bc a guy in a flaming pie told him to do so in a dream
  • The Two Virgins album cover was shot in Ringo’s basement
  • A fan once tried to mail herself to the Beatles and almost died bc she forgot to poke holes through the box and the only reason she survived was bc she was making noises in an attempt to breathe and someone heard her
  • A fan actually broke into Paul’s house through his bathroom window, she is the inspiration behind She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
  • John thinks he’s Jesus Christ (and no im not talking about the “The Beatles are bigger than Jesus”)
  • Theres the time they had a pillow fight during one of their flights and then the pilot told them to basically sit the fuck down and chill so they all got rlly embarrassed and guiltily took their seats again and soon after Paul popped out of the cockpit with a sly smirk on his face bc it was actually him who made the announcement as a cheeky joke
  • Tin Tan, an iconic Mexican actor, comedian and singer from the 40s - early 70s (up until the early 70s only bc he died) (also hes fucking great i love him a whole lotta lot) was requested by Ringo to be part of their Sgt. Pepper cover. However, Tin Tan did not feel worthy and kindly declined, but suggested they replace him with the tradition Mexican tree of life (which can be seen in the bottom right of the cover)
  • Tin Tan also created a funny version/parody/idek the right word of “I want to Hold Your Hand,” his spanish title translates to "I want to scratch myself here" and its about him wanting your hand so he can scratch himself “here” bc he’s itchy and basically hes the cutest thing eveR
  • Both John and George’s ‘it’ moment to wanting to become musicians was when they first heard Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis
  • Before Paul joined John’s band the Quarrymen, John used to make up the lyrics of the songs his band performed on the spot bc he didnt know the real ones (when Paul played Twenty Flight Rock to him, knowing all the lyrics, it rlly impressed John)
  • Got to Get You Into My Life is about weed
  • The first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine had John Lennon during the filming of How I Won the War as its cover
  • John and Paul almost jokingly showed up on SNL during the 70s after they were offered on tv $3,000 for the Beatles to reunite and perform on SNL
  • Ringo was the first to quit the Beatles but after they convinced him to come back, he returned to the studio to find his drumset covered in flowers
  • Paul’s favourite colour is blue
    George’s is purple
    John’s is green
    Ringo’s is red
  • John was a huge cat lover he had cats he loved cats i love cats evERYONE LOVES CATS
  • John’s lucky/favourite number is 9 and George’s is 7 and basically they both put it/make reference to it on everything
  • 'Ringo' means 'apple' in Japanese, something Ringo put to good use in this commercial

I need to stoP with these facts jf i was only gonna list like 5 and fuckfustus i need to do hw omg sorry theyre more than expected eep hope you like them though! :3


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Emma - Noah UK Premiere -  31 March 2014


Emma - Noah UK Premiere -  31 March 2014


HQ photos of Jennifer in New York with friends (20.04) More photos here!